a Star Wars fan film


Pai has grown up under the reign of the Empire.  Her best friend is a Stormtrooper she calls HV, and she lives with her uncle, Bolo.  Although she's hardly taken notice of the intergalactic war raging around her, she'll soon find that destiny can not be kept at bay.


Remnants of the Order is a Fan Film written and directed by Kees van Hattum, whose love for Star Wars inspired him to become a filmmaker. This love for the franchise is shared by the Cast and Crew.


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Premiere date delay:


We had planned on releasing Remnants of the Order on December 16th. Unfortunately we've had to make the hard decision to delay the film.


This film has been created from an enormous passion for Star Wars. It will be a beautiful film, but essential details that will bring it to a higher level are not yet finished. We feel it is very important to show you a film we can get behind and be proud of. We hope you understand.


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